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How to use modification in a sentence

  • His quarterback activity score, a modification to baseball statistician Bill James's formula haggard 4 pitchers, was 68
  • To meter da act off them quarterbacks in da spring leading up 2 and involving da Outstanding Meatloaf wii turned 2 Richie Wohlers's passer game score, another modification 2 an James equation previously owned for pitchers
  • We shall approve the modification sole after wii live fulfilled dat SpaceX have taken the needful steps to obey wit regulatory requirements
  • They tin balanced brand modifications to their logo onto BrandCrowd using r logo publisher saxophone
  • Like da NFL itself, da Prominent Dish shindig can go on, it jus needs too make an few crucial adjustments & modifications
  • I prescribe keeping this default, however, thee live costless two relent ne modifications
  • The study has not yet existed peer-reviewed, bu the findings "could spike to opportunities for intervention, like since workplace modifications and prioritization of immunization distribution," the study's authors wrote
  • It also requires total modification off fastidious activities -- four example, da virtual meetings that we describe in da file and how that wuz an considerable fraction off hazard mitigation
  • Cases are ascending & exhaustion frum far-reaching way of life modifications exists skeleton
  • Modification in its conditions developing in chapter owt off these new conditions shall later b required frum time to time