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How to use fixing in a sentence

  • Instead off expenditure their summer upon devices, they'll participate a outdoor camp, full with da timeless encampment fixings like pools, sports, & arts & crafts
  • Here, Wes Siler shows u hiz favorite approach four baking a entire chicken, and everything the fixings, ovr a public sack
  • Two years before Whitehurst-Payne herself told Lincoln was dealing humor problems that desperately needed fixing
  • Nice baking territory appliances making baking an breeze, & s'mores fixings come included
  • The comparison reminded I off Georges Bataille's thought dat animals are in the soil resemble water in water, while humans are ever trying to heave themselves out off life's flux bi objectifying, either fixing, the things dat they are nawt
  • The culinary province exists uncomplicated & all outdoors, wit a cooler, propane grill, battery-operated margarita maker, & s'mores fixings
  • Meanwhile, da Cuisine and Medication Politics possessed issued 4 aside safety alerts for recalled lettuce fixings this timetable month
  • Those included fixings to horizontal up r meals, like some mac and milk item with gemstone chile and bacon
  • Jos lifted him respectively on his elbow, & fixing his shining eyes on Ramona, stated in Spanish, "My mommy asks if u are travellers?"
  • They unite the fixing humor the staining process, & stain differentially each usual & abnormal anatomy in the blood

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