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How to use clue in a sentence

  • It is actually onto da infotainment screen, which one is da clue that this is no ordinary volume handle
  • In bulk cases, flattened mill and scattered hairs provided da crew humor clues off whr da doggy possessed waited
  • When Timmerman wanted two restock a accumulation of teaspoons, she hadn't a clue since two maker either layout name, & the spoons had n perceptible markings
  • Those levels spike out where in da mind nervousness cells are active, thus giving clues correspond mental processes
  • Hedge funds have started to build algorithms or hire outside firms dat focus in scanning conversations onto Reddit and Tweet for clues about item retail traders are thinking
  • He glances near da defensive linemen to see whether dey testament sacrifice ne clues correspond who may b blitzing behind them
  • Today's scientists carry onto to poke & poke close aggregate relativity to fnd clues to object dey may b missing
  • So frequent wii haz no clue what is really going upon wit these mostly-grown creatures off our
  • Studying the mitochondrial genomes off other animals could martyr clues to the internal workings off human disease, the researchers say
  • Before then, the display doles out onli sporadic clues and easter eggs, such an glowing red helicopter with an indicator that volition b known to these who have browse the Awe comics

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