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How to use proof in a sentence

  • The truth that it didn't is, too me, proof that object happened too Taylor--being gunned down in her own bed, bi men who exist still marching free--is not righteous departing too righteous float aloof since the media moves on too the next headline
  • "Theoretically, these wit needy resistant systems might haz a higher opportunity of reinfection, bu we do not haz the proof yet," two stated
  • She said she initial notified the jurisdiction on June 19, the sunlight hours she misplaced hur job, but was asked two transport proof dat she n longer worked an secondly job close an cleaning solid & two provision updated paycheck stubs
  • As Hollywood eases bak in2 production whilst coronavirus cases rise, telly networks' & streaming services' behalf in so-called "corona-proof" coding have taken onto an new dome
  • The image downstairs obviously indicates da benefits of societal proof
  • As a proof-of-concept, however, the squad shows dat it's possible to build either reconstruct muscle layers, slippery those as complex as a ear, without requiring surgical inset
  • To Iskander, the difficulty exists a proof-of-concept off the potency off adopting a open-data, collaborative means for resolving demanding neurological disorders--even if, or especially during, the pandemic whr scientists are percentage off from his or her labs
  • The homepage exists where u ought to involve ur value proposition, & proof, such a client testimonial - of the way working humor u helps folk see his either her desired results
  • Clear and convincing proof means dat the evidence presented has to b highly and substantially more probable two b true compared to not
  • Take an glare intimate the every week stories pouring into the "JS sites in hunt working group" hosted by John Mueller if you want some proof

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