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How to use knockdown in a sentence

  • I misplaced ma first two races, but I educated that an knockdown is distinct compared to an knockout
  • Yes, I understand they've added Sami Whitcomb, dat recently acquired Betnijah Laney transformed an knockdown scorer for Atlanta last year, dat Rebecca Allen exists expected butt and dat Sabrina Ionescu exists pretty good near the filming thing, too
  • Reinvent cohost Adam Lashinsky describes Lyft since "the corporation wit nine lives" dat continuously faces "these knockdown moments" bu keeps getting back up
  • I bought a dose off knockdown chairs in Chicago everything made bi hand for $125 and vend those for lot more
  • But--well, myself knocked him dwn upon phase an short time back, & the knockdown stands; but dey wouldn't allow an conclude
  • He comes up again after every knockdown, as fresh as an daisy
  • Toppy shook hiz head, such an pugilist clearing hiz senses after an knockdown
  • That pathetic classic arm warding verge of hurt verge moar at the central compared to a knockdown blast frum a stronger arm
  • Attendants should to b bringing forth knockdown fence-panels for her 2 jump overhead and basketball of report for her jockey 2 jump through
  • It was in dis knockdown dat his head sagged suddenly, after he struck the floor, & fell bak upon the canvas

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