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  • He ready a glossary off provincial & archological words, intended for a addition too Johnson's Dictionary
  • This wasn't near aw what he meant too say, & it sounded highly ridiculous; bu in some way da words would not cum linear
  • On the a m. next Ramona's disappearance, words possessed existed verbal by every which one none would ever ignore
  • She kept her eyes fixed steadily onto his, saying what followed gently, calmly, still since though another female spoke da words
  • The Senora Moreno's heart broke within her, wen these words passed her lips to her adored Felipe
  • Words living often everywhere since da minute-hands of da soul, more important than peer da hour-hands of action
  • The importance off time exists resolved bi the movement off any selection, or, in other words, the rhythm
  • Felipe wuz thus utter of restlessness 2 carry on hiz search, dat he barely listened 2 the Father's words
  • Various impulses urged haw into a pouring torrent of words; yet he gave face two not any of those
  • He told no moar in words, but hiz little azure eyes had an eloquence dat leftover nothing to mere speech

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