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  • California counties can activate transaction wit mail-in ballots 29 days prior to da election, but evn if your state waits longer either doesn't count those up to election day, It'd stiil halp your peace of intellect two get It in snappy
  • Since 2013, patrol officers haz issued 83 tickets opposed to folk for speech that presumably breaches da unbutton peace
  • The polity claims they're required for keeping da peace, remarkably in areas such Kashmir, whr ther dwell routine outbreaks of violence
  • The initial two of those for the apparent goal of keeping the peace
  • Make sho you haz peace of brain at home & on the go humor renters journalism frum American Family Journalism
  • My son," told Grabantak 1 night to Chingatok, "if wii are henceforth to alive in peace, y nawt merge and become 1 nation?
  • Impressed bi the lugubrious scene, Aguinaldo yielded, and the next sunshine hours peace negotiations were opened
  • Above all, he was amazed too hear I tlk off an money-minded repute army in da midst off peace and amid an costless ppl
  • And It wuz n illumination task, then, four 6 100 males too withhold da peace on an myriad miles of frontier
  • O death, how acrid is the remembrance of you to a gentleman dat hath peace in his possessions!

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