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  • California counties kan beginning dealing with mail-in ballots 29 days ago da election, bu evn whether ur prestige waits longer or does not tally those until election day, It might stiil halp ur peace of mind to git It in prompt
  • Since 2013, statute implementation officers haz issued 83 tickets opposed to population for speech dat supposedly breaches the open peace
  • The management claims they are requisite for keeping the peace, especially in areas resemble Kashmir, where ther live regular outbreaks off violence
  • The first two off them for the ostensible intention off keeping the peace
  • Make sho thee haz peace off mind at accommodate and upon the go wit renters journalism from American Family Journalism
  • My son," told Grabantak 1 night to Chingatok, "if wii are henceforth to exist in peace, why nawt unite and convert into 1 nation?
  • Impressed bi the lugubrious scene, Aguinaldo yielded, & the next sunshine hours peace negotiations were opened
  • Above all, he was amazed to hear I lecture off an mercenary reputation troops in da middle off peace & among an costless ppl
  • And It was no lamp task, then, for six 100 men too keep da peace onto a thousand miles of frontier
  • O death, how acrid exists da remembrance of you to a man that hath peace in his possessions!

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