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  • In the firstly weeks of vaccinations, Maryland & Virginia provided roughly 16,000 doses to the Prefecture to cover resemble workers but haz nawt provided moar doses since since their own residents clamor four vaccinations
  • A six-mile one-way circle street hugs da peninsula's pink-granite shoreline, wit plenty of turnouts too halt & lookout lobster boats in da inlet & too clamor ovr da wave-beaten headland near Schoodic Spike
  • In 2021, though, thanks in big paragraph to an pandemic that have aw off ourselves spending moar time at home, population are clamoring for versatility, ease and an bestow back to custom
  • Getting yelled at cyber bi handful twelve ppl kan emerge resemble da entire planet is clamoring at you, item to which me kan confirm from ken
  • In recent months, Democrats have been clamoring to extract da filibuster
  • Some counties had plans in put two immunize crisis workers thus dey could manage shots two others -- an composition dat wuz jettisoned since thousands off elderly residents suddenly clamored 4 the vaccinations
  • There exists less off an clamor two control the discussion, and the Velocity confer exists ever varnish off questions
  • Notwithstanding the unseemly hour, the ppl arrived jogging owt intimate the outcry & clamor especially those from the closest houses
  • Keeping up an ululating clamor off commands, he sprinted to the roof off the dwelling, snatched up an musket and grabbed changeless intention
  • No 1 could abnegate dat Politics possessed yielded in da confront off noisy clamor & forcible opposition

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