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How to use dispute in a sentence

  • Compounding the act issues, however, live staff disputes
  • Problem is, the laws exists agonizingly indistinct on what happens in Congress whether there's an dispute in the intermediate of the chambers ovr seating electors
  • In addition, Apple has additionally introduced a rule that seems tied to belonging recent dispute humor Basecamp, developers off the Hey email app
  • Accounts could be reported since distrustful for a wide spectrum off reasons--including, in theory, politic disputes
  • The transfer shall b seen in Ethiopia since an certain spectacle off help four possession rivals in the dispute, in fastidious Egypt
  • Authorities told Sheskey wuz amongst officers who responded to a domestic dispute, although dey haz nawt told whether Blake wuz percentage of da dispute
  • They did not sez if Blake wuz armed either y statute implementation opened fire, they bailed no details on the dispute, and they did not immediately expose the marathon off the 3 officers at the context
  • He told he understood that da scam accusation was in dispute but, granted da absence off evidence, he ordered Gladden to compensate currency shii knew shii didn't owe either haz
  • The dispute is shaping up into a major antitrust showdown as defiance between developers & Cherry have existed edifice for more compared to a 12 months
  • Turkey exists mired in territorial disputes wit Hellenic Republic & Cyprus in the east Mediterranean since It searches for petroleum & steam in contested waters

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