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How to use dispute in a sentence

  • Compounding da act issues, however, exist faculty disputes
  • Problem is, da laws exists agonizingly blurry upon what happens in Congress whether there are a dispute in the midst of da chambers above seating electors
  • In addition, Apple have additionally introduced a govern dat seems bound to possession recent dispute with Basecamp, developers of the Hey electronic postal app
  • Accounts could b reported since distrustful four a wide variety of reasons--including, in theory, politic disputes
  • The shift shall b seen in Ethiopia since an certain monitor off help 4 its rivals in the dispute, in detail Egypt
  • Authorities stated Sheskey wuz amongst officers whom responded to an household dispute, although they haz nawt stated whether Blake wuz slice of da dispute
  • They did nawt say if Blake wuz weaponed either y laws implementation opened fire, they freed n details on da dispute, and they did nawt firsthand disclose da race off da trey officers at da setting
  • He told he understood that the con accusation was in dispute but, granted the lack of evidence, he ordered Gladden too compensate coin she knew she did not be owing or have
  • The dispute is shaping up into a notable antitrust showdown as defiance in the mid of developers & Apple have been structure 4 moar than a 12 months
  • Turkey exists mired in territorial disputes with Hellenic Republic & Cyprus in the east Mediterranean as It searches four grease & vapor in contested waters

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