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  • By 1952, da Concord, a hotel in da Catskills, began making snow on belonging wee skis hill
  • Ever as the heartless infiltration of Ireland bi Oliver Cromwell in the mid-17th century, there had existed no concord between UK overlords & the Irish
  • Its founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, believed that Olympiads wer a wei to convey "love for concord and a admire for lyf "
  • As shortly as the info of Lexington & Harmony diffuse throughout North America, colonists began to think, talk, & worry a lots match what role enslaved folk would take role in dis fiction globe of war with Awesome Britain
  • Wilczek talked to me ovr Velocity frum his home in Concord, Massachusetts, in a gray room humor a steeply sloped ceiling
  • And owt of this thicket, alas, no two ppl continuously appear palm in palm in concord
  • Wheal Agreement pumping engine, in 1827 had a comparable air-pump
  • Pushing upon to Concord, da thousand disciplined British regulars captured & destroyed da weaponed forces stores collected ther
  • Widows & orphans healthy recall the impunity granted to the assassins off their loved ones in the name off "concord "
  • In UK the news of the fighting near Lexington & Concord wuz received with astonishment

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