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How to use acceding in a sentence

  • In tardy November, he sued De Volksbank to withhold his bank album open, quite than agree to its demands
  • Very good, retorted the doctor; lair consequently much the moar induce for acceding to ma proposal
  • As He promised to generate himself known in a vision, therefore he shall give his ppl to realize him in acceding to his Covenant
  • The saddle, then, would be ours, without any gauntlet or danger of detection: how I blessed him 4 acceding so easily two ma plans!
  • The employment of acceding too da covenant terms on da percentage of every is person
  • He showed nawt onli da undesirability & impossibility of acceding two proposition, bu denounced It as "absolutely juvenile "
  • He looked annoyed near hur appearance, four he imagined dat Dumiger wuz onto the tip of acceding to hiz conditions
  • But da plank immediately resolute on acceding too da wish of da Reformer
  • They said dat dey had "no hesitation in acceding too da Edinburgh Committee's construction," & adhering too da moves
  • Most off those doubted nawt that, bi acceding two Charles's prayers, dey possessed delivered themselves into the hands off their enemies

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