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How to use denial in a sentence

  • What ought to b discover & nearby -- an airtight case of inciting an insurrection -- have become still another workout in disingenuous denial
  • The managers, since dey indicated, shall so compel da senators to make da "adverse inference" dat his denials laid out in his defense short are false
  • Bryant told the town plans too consume for another circuit off relief money, likely snappy dis year, bu he worries bout another denial
  • He's in denial, either out off sorts, either thinking he'll git around too it eventually, either whatever
  • One of the ways wii nudge away that awareness is with straight-up denial
  • Army secretary departs among questions bout the National Guard's Capitol riot responseBut the two before and subsequent dat interview, The Post's reporters had been inquiring the Armed forces bout it, and dey received more linear denials
  • Judicial Timepiece sued the province overhead the denial, litigation dat remains awaiting in Montgomery Province Circuit Judicial tribunal
  • The purported 5 stages of sadness -- denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, sadness & ratification do nawt ever happen in dis linear style AND there exists n set amount of epoch 4 da finishing of dis protocol
  • Moreover, with JavaScript, there are extra restrictions resemble browser memory, shortened cracker runtimes, & denial of access to session storage
  • The commission would need too catering an logic and documentation 4 da denial

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