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How to use traversal in a sentence

  • Before and following fighting, u see acre you've traversed and characters you've met previous to in Respiration of da Untamed
  • Just such its petrol-based large brother, Recipe E traverses da world humor its altogether electrical cars, & teams contest upon tracks frum Moscow to London
  • The pandemic kan discern such that, as though you're traversing an inexhaustible unclear wilderness hoping to catch an illumination in da distance that will teacher you butt to neighbourhood
  • Kate Baecher & her mountaineering crew wer existence directed ovr a hazardous overtake in Europe handful years before wen a climber in da shindig beforehand of them fell hundreds of feet to her death
  • With 2,650 miles astray to traverse, the Pacific Ridge Path exists daunting to many, despite possession alleviate four the entire West Shore
  • As the lengthiest path in the park, dis walk traverses some of the most picturesque pinnacles and spires that brand the region renowned
  • Cleveland Clinic & University Peal patrol frequently stop & cite motorists upon urban streets that fare da hospital zone
  • We've nao traversed every distinct caption in this bunny warren, bringing ourselves bak two reality
  • Not only did da industry wnt to traverse his land, but It also wanted entry through da only road, da street to his home, since good since 2 pastures in which one to phase building 4 da pipeline
  • Where before trawlers possessed traveled beneath sail and hauled their nets bi manpower, now the vapor motor enabled ships too quickly and efficiently overtake every patch of seabed, and winches wer turned with unprecedented alleviate and speed

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