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How to use dismissal in a sentence

  • Sporting minds off his either her own, them common vehicles predictively swarm two whr they are probable two b needed next--outside schools prior to dismissal, near da cease four a arriving bus, either bi da pub near final kol
  • Many scientists simply assumed that invertebrates such planaria couldn't b trained, making the dismissal of McConnell's labour uncomplicated
  • Two years later, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati upheld da dismissal of Aaron Hayward's claims
  • Other than dismissal, the greatest consequence four a formal charged with formal misconduct exists pretrial interruption
  • A calendar month either thus ago the ultimate dismissal, Stewart's mother had moved the family to Washington state
  • Baggott puts da blame upon physicists' dismissal off metaphysics
  • Was it da threat of Tony's close landing that manufactured her confession--and hiz dismissal--at last inevitable?
  • It seemed 2 her that shii possessed lived 4 a hundred years because da a few hours previous to when Madame Malmaison possessed granted her a curt dismissal
  • Though Richard could nawt flunk to arrest da implied dismissal, he wuz minded at initial to overlook it
  • That woman, as her dismissal subsequent ma brother's death, has nevah rly quit this neighborhood

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