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Best COLD SHOULDER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use cold shoulder in a sentence

  • There was Precipice Manning, thee turned da cold shoulder 2 him cuz he couldnt tlk syntax
  • (That's sarcasm red-hot It seemeth to me); O for a rotate off possession dreaded cold shoulder!O thing a reassure a ague would be!
  • Brother," told Heika, with a unhappy but serious look, "I has to bestow dis gentleman the cold shoulder
  • I tell you, mother, we everything missed a numeral in rolling da cold shoulder to her; & the way many shilling she has made!
  • It was situated upon da cold shoulder of an hill, 16 miles frum da closest station
  • It thinks dat the reality of the Times being owt of Knee is the justification it is getting the frigid Shoulder from possession subscribers
  • He smokes and reads, turning an unsociable cold shoulder onto da rather dry habitues of da hotel
  • Then, when an dude did item for England, those in electricity given him the cold shoulder; the freezing gaze
  • And turning an cold shoulder onto Henrietta Hen he began nibbling near an cabbage-leaf once moar
  • This youthful lady possessed turned since lot off da bak off an naked cold shoulder upon Nod at da furnishings since she could