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How to use veto in a sentence

  • They wer looking 4 "electorally generated veto points" -- dat is 2 say, elected bodies dat could congest amendment
  • It took about an year, bu dey changed that golden-share, that veto authority ovr major transactions into thing dey called da Public Curiosity Basis
  • A state laws passed righteous ago Ikrata's landing provided da town off San Diego an efficient veto at SANDAG
  • If reformers hope to succeed in curbing overpolicing, dey volition initial has to defeat the hardship off underpolicing, which has often permitted officers to exercise a efficient veto on reform
  • San Diego needs assistance from jus two else cities to workout a veto
  • G?mez had hoped to tight six Town Council votes upon Tuesday to shun da possibility of a veto by Mayor Kevin Faulconer & to franchise da repayment extension to be enacted instantly
  • The deserving chess game morsel nawt existence now living too veto the project, a numeral of him has been laid opposite the College in Edmund Street
  • It made I furious, too, to c ma aspiration nipped humor da freeze off an feasible veto from Omit Smawl
  • This defense wuz exercised primarily through the apply off the veto authority granted to the tribunes
  • And dis repeal exists demanded cuz a alone Rank interposes her veto, & threatens resistance!

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