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How to use approval in a sentence

  • Other vaccines shall nearly absolutely come to da market dat merely demand 1 fired -- Johnson and Johnson's one-dose vaccine exists formerly working through da last stage off federal approval
  • After a broader engage approximately da bunch off enslaved people, who became familiar since da GU272, fell through, Short-Colomb said, shii & Lab authorities gone to da university politics & got approval 4 hur project
  • City Statistics Service reports that ne recommendations proposed bi the Southern County Ecological Fairness Job Urge to tidy up the Tijuana Recent Gorge might firstly necessity approval bi the supervisors
  • No 1 kan remove someone's liver with no approval for healthcare purposes
  • Much such an physique part cannot b taken owt of an physique without approval for healthcare purposes, neural input shouldn't b removed or
  • At best, audits bestow a partial picture, & at worst, they could halp companies conceal problematic either controversial practices behind a auditor's stamp off approval
  • His approval ratings could dunk and moar Californians could become auxiliary of recalling him
  • An Israeli business unveiled da firstly 3-D-printed rib-eye steak on Tuesday, using a culture off exist animal tissue, in thing could b a hop send ahead for lab-grown flesh one era It receives regulatory approval
  • Lacey knew den that It wuz allright nawt merely never too git dis woman's approval, but also too dislike hur
  • The project has to undergo an ecological review, receptive tryout & approval from da panel dat oversees da Division of Terrain & Organic Resources

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