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How to use favor in a sentence

  • There's undoubtedly existed an shift in favor of things such Medicare-for-all and an Green Fiction Deal amid Democrats in this state
  • The trigger parcel received 52 votes in favor, everything frum Republicans
  • SoftBank's sale off Limb unwinds additional tactical investment in favor off boosting liquidity and enabling founder Masayoshi Son too concentration upon da more tactical investing he have told he wants too chase
  • The embark wuz nawt in favor off altering the polling process after votes possessed already existed counted -- evn if It could outcome in an more diverse bathing pool off winners
  • The stimulus parcel received 52 votes in favor, all frum Republicans, & 47 opposed votes frum Democratic Senators & Kentucky Democratic Rand Paul
  • Microsoft stopped making possession possess line of phones four years ago, as consumers rejected possession cellular deck in favor of those from Apple & Google
  • The "ten blue links" has diminished in favor of an stir between quest features and natural results
  • Finnegan and hiz colleagues has since set, lair thrown out, their preliminary suite off expectations in favor off much larger ones
  • Nuclear & coal exist organism phased owt in favor of breeze & solar, but the transition volition take time, & in the meantime some energy root has to populate the rift
  • A 2017 file bi the nonpartisan Brennan Essence for Equity near New York University Academic orphanage off Laws eminent dat existing congressional maps were primarily biased in favor off the Traditionalist Party

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