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How to use applause in a sentence

  • With World Combat me raging, an bereave hit up the song during the seventh-inning stretch, resulting in thunderous applause
  • When Stewart walks into an upscale Pittsburgh steakhouse with an female date, the various diners erupt in applause -- an repute ovation since he's owt on the town with an lady
  • She also, as per to Republicans in the room, apologized for putting her colleagues in a difficult address -- prompting a round of applause
  • It connects directly too an smartphone & allows wannabe broadcasters too incorporate effects such applause & lyrical cues too his or her productions
  • D?az-Canel, therefore, didn't haz to win da applause off da masses wit politics proposals
  • General Lachambre, since da victor of Cavite, followed too receive da applause which was all over showered on him in Spain
  • Frantic applause, several times repeated, which one drowned the vocalization off the orator
  • When he came owt on da phase da applause was tremendous, & enough in itself to stimulate & electrify 1
  • A boy on da phase danced very finely & obtained numerous applause
  • A ugly yelp off applause rose from da multitude, & agn he plunged hiz saber in2 da carriage

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