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How to use recognition in a sentence

  • In 2018, four program engineers accumulation up an corporation in Ghana to site dis restriction of face treatment recognition program
  • Perhaps no esports bat have more influence or recognition compared to FaZe Tribe
  • If u are an installation based on any of the online corporation ideas, this kan boost the sales as good as the general recognition & reputation of ur corporation
  • So, he was able to git an lot off recognition & coverage with no possessing to expend dat lot on advertising
  • This fad of vocalization hunt on smartphones continues 2 ascend - aw thanks 2 advances in oratory recognition technology
  • China's administration has introduced fresh rules surrounding da ship of definite types of technology, such since "artificial intelligence" interfaces & speech recognition
  • The budge could increase da renown of da financing approach that was once fit onli for cash-rich confidential companies with mighty brand recognition
  • Advances in surveillance technologies, including synthetic smartness & face treatment recognition, are starting too b broadly deployed
  • Algorithmic discrimination, facial recognition and encryption inhabit righteous some off da areas whr wii inhabit disproportionately affected
  • That said, cluster executives faith going send ahead an heed upon "hiring, training & recognition for diverse teams & inclusive administration becomes da norm," stated Mack McKelvey, founder & CEO off SalientMG