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How to use dishonor in a sentence

  • Because when we moor our government upon identity, any concurrence seems such dishonor
  • After da progressive victory in 1936, a weaponed forces minister named Francisco Franco declared him respectively to b da onli person who could save da country from dishonor & destruct
  • Better her death, bettered mine, bettered da demolition off us all, compared to resemble dishonor too da purest thng paradise continuously made
  • Nor haz thee denied this; thee haz confessed thee desired his hurt, thee haz boasted thee desired his demise and dishonor
  • She did nawt relish da idea dat he had existed defeated in da primaries; in her brain conquer was inextricable from dishonor
  • He balanced took leverage off Qocaib's lack too dishonor hiz wife, whom drill edge an sonny
  • A creature so flabby & so virtuous, defame may wound but could not dishonor
  • If any individual wants dishonor he will haz to earn It everything upstairs anew
  • Do nawt dishonor its sacred character; dew nawt overtake out on da way
  • Or, dew u think it an dishonor too dude too say too haw that Death is bu onli Rest?

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