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How to use infamy in a sentence

  • Watson's portrayal of Franklin as an raging termagant whom one day "in hur cosy anger" was going too beat Watson for interrupting hur constituted one setting dat lived in infamy for years
  • So 4 these off us whom haz been using it 4 years, belonging sudden infamy was surprising & unwelcome
  • He appeared in an Pizza Hut commercial subsequently dat 12 months poking enjoyment at hiz infamy, and after retiring as an player gone onto to become an accomplished supervisor
  • Performance imaginative Regina Jose Galindo connects like crimes wit greater political infamies in her indigenous Guatemala
  • In ever admiring & occasionally affectionate detail, Isaacson narrates the thrill of discovery, the warmth of competition, & the mount of empirical celebrity--and, in He's case, infamy
  • It volition be recounted, too da everlasting infamy and dishonour of da gentleman whom uttered It
  • Audacious manDefies da threats of da avenging sea,And to new shores & to new stars repeatsThe same miserable tale of infamy & sorrow
  • But dis pious reverence gave put too a more money-minded spirit, and the commerce in relics became a congestion off infamy and disgrace
  • It was then da insignia of infamy and indicator of shame--the chastisement of da basest of slaves and da vilest of malefactors
  • Diard was laid by public opinion upon the saddle off infamy whr plural a capable gentleman was already sat

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