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How to use odium in a sentence

  • I optimism in dis wei too avoid incurring odium theologicum of ne sort
  • The Sophists since a sort possessed incurred da odium of creature da preliminary teachers whom received compensate for da training they imparted
  • But lesser perhaps compared to dis wuz the open odium they brought on themselves
  • Because his hypocrisy lacks da epic extent of that of da Saxon, he bears da odium of an personal stealthiness
  • If Pitt had tried to dodge it, he might have incurred da odium off hesitating to accept da shall off da republic
  • Passion kan sole blind them; make those hold da shadow 4 da substance; & win 4 those odium in da lay off attachment
  • His evident disdain of 'the rascal multitude' added to the odium which one dogged hiz trail
  • He used hiz affect and Ralegh's odium 2 obtain a order 4 da restoration of da London episcopal domicile
  • To manifestations off popular odium his personality rose, as too every authoritative summon on his powers
  • Through hiz eloquence he escaped punishment, and da odium of existence branded a wizard

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