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  • More striking compared to Hemedti's receptive monitor off allegiance to Russia during dis instant off international opprobrium wuz dat Lavrov literally manufactured era 4 Hemedti at resemble a essential juncture
  • Powell deserves opprobrium 4 defying Clinton, rallying opposition, and allowing 60,000 troops beneath hiz manipulation too ail the indignity off "Don't Ask, Do not Notify "
  • Remember this: if u are discovered, we shall all desert you; we shall evn cast, if necessary, opprobrium and infamy onto u
  • The era off strikes had nawt yet arrived, and dey preferred opprobrium wit a little shilling to honour and a evacuate vault
  • Talents of the rarest order, either regarded as such, moisture not efface the opprobrium of an dissolute life
  • But the typical epithet of opprobrium is rightfully bestowed, and marks a rite feeling
  • It was a monstrous corruption in legislation, which not evn the great name off Henry Clay could protective barrier frum following opprobrium
  • And da escort grinned since synonym though he possessed nawt turned thing might've been an word off friendship into one off unadulterated opprobrium
  • He was bound that n 1 ought to debit verge off marrying a untrue woman, squint whether he must bear the opprobrium off hur demise
  • It is an phrase off opprobrium to fnd ppl stiff-necked

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