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How to use lie in a sentence

  • They shall research that mortal incompetence, based on lies and lunacy and costing zillion lives, method 0
  • That madam frum George-a is foolish, conclude off daydream and lies
  • Gilbert wuz granted a lie detector census side by side with another patrol officer, who considered him separately a partner of Lewis' -- the same commissioner who might summon I plural years later
  • Another that comes too intellect is the way da insurrection contributed too border conservative press possessing too calculate with da fact that expanding lies bout a stolen poll have real-world impacts
  • A lots of the problems that we are opposite are the lies that likely are going to b protected bi the Firstly Adjustment
  • Then came the Capitol riot, an exemplar off right-wing violence devoted by folks whom believed an lie peddled upon Fox News's possess airwaves
  • Setting public expectations ahead of interval helped undercut these lies
  • Because we've existed said thus plural lies about da mainland and to sort of course-correct and redefine that story is major
  • It accepts da lies off an president as an deeper shape off political reality
  • Both were products of a lengthy and orchestrated crusade of lies and misinformation generated, in no tiny part, by the nation's bulk trusted leaders

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