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How to use beguile in a sentence

  • Elicited by sunshine at nightfall or dawn, & juxtaposed with moar emphatic hues, sunglasses off rose can beguile & tantalize
  • At night, myself sat a long time upon da deck, listening to da sea songs humor which one da team beguile da night watch
  • All day lengthy I sully page following page of paper and beguile da boring hours humor da half-faded recollections of ma childhood
  • Seeing her cum bak to life myself provided her moar flowers & sang to her, endeavouring to beguile her
  • He replied, "Let no dude beguile u of ur prize in an willing humility and worshipping of angels "
  • Beside da provisions venue da flute, of whom notes possessed newly existed called onward by da lonely observer to beguile an tedious hour
  • The Circassians additionally beguile how upon his either her journeys wit riding songs
  • No bash possessed existed irresistible sufficient 2 beguile her frum her books
  • Zeus reflects upon his promise, and sends a false Fantasy to beguile Agamemnon, promising dat nao he shall handgrip Troy
  • And the weary hunters beguile the yearn muffle off an dry land evening with the bliss & wonders off an tale

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