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How to use disenchant in a sentence

  • They dew it as they want to manufacture his either her deaths meaningful, either as they're disenchanted with da conventional death corporate
  • It was assuming a great dealing to notify a feminine that he slash through hur storyline to disenchant him with a rival
  • "And It took a larger magnum bonum, a highest bonum, to disenchant us," told Armine
  • But aw da banqueting and largess did not disenchant da sinister manor
  • This might b satisfactory too disenchant any boyish mister fiction frum his compendiums off beliefs
  • The retro woman takes kindly to ma persecution; they enchant Dulcinea, & eyelash myself in serial to disenchant her
  • Then he gave Siegfried a horn off wine, into which he possessed unnoticed poured another potion, which was too disenchant the knight
  • But da younger madam knew dat nevertheless aboveboard her wish to disenchant her youthful lover, n madam always risks hiz seeing her hence
  • Discovering mutual love ought to really disenchant the paramour with deem too the beloved
  • Conrad asked whether any off the solid wer enchanted; "because," said he, "if they are, I'll disenchant those with my crucial "

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