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How to use circumvent in a sentence

  • This exists an wei to circumvent browser blockades to vouch dat ad platforms tin entry the statistics advertisers depend upon to weigh crusade concert nao & in the future wen an website's waitress tin n longer set trackers upon the user's browser
  • That a confidential company, servicing nearly a tertiary of the global population, wuz poised 2 circumvent the up-to-date global monetary appliance shocked central banks formerly reeling frum the easel of cryptocurrencies
  • The notion of giving liberally of what thee no longer requirement more voluntarily compared to tossing it--that is, da supa essence of an hiker box--circumvents da self-replicating circuit of endless use & waste
  • Yet in reality, these protections turned out to be either inefficient either uncomplicated to circumvent, ours stories showed
  • Indeed, there are apps in da iOS App Hoard that utilize length & attribution tools to circumvent Apple's leadership surrounding tracking to varying degrees
  • Each month, a subscriber will b able too "gift" ten articles too non-subscribers too circumvent da site's paywall
  • The fable exposed da various ways in which coastal homeowners haz formerly owned loopholes to circumvent Hawaii's ecological legislation near da expense of da state's beaches
  • Tinder is stiff bout requiring an legitimate phone quantity too register, albeit it's not no way for ppl too circumvent the regime by registering humor an Google Voice number, for picture
  • After a untrue opener in 2020, when Scott lat them know off a essential boob dey wer competent to circumvent, Ferber and Krivelevich posted the ultimate consequence in tardy March 2021
  • The butter off variants off caution across da planet have raised fears da virus shall locate ways two remain elusive, possibly circumventing vaccines

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