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How to use counteract in a sentence

  • So, wen da glider is departing downhill, its raise shaft is tilted an little particle forth and counteracts its pluck
  • As an result, whether da rite volume of da ferry exists submerged, da compel of floatation exists mighty satisfactory too counteract gravitation pulling da ferry down, & da ferry floats
  • That urge counteracts the descending jerk of gravity, allowing the toys to float on the two sides of the liquid's outdoors role
  • When there are cash on da queue u haz two counteract any favoritism which one kan require self-analysis
  • One wei two counteract groupthink is two encourage voters two embrace the uncertainty off item "most valuable" means
  • English influence was omnipotent at Lisbon & the novel messenger possessed nawt the knack too counteract It
  • Of trail da baker sought to counteract resemble tendencies, bu he possessed to be very circumspect, for Sambo resented insults fiercely
  • Although it was May, a wood-fire possessed been lighted in hur room to counteract the cold moist off the evening
  • He said I it was to counteract da temperature & cherry sleep, & said dat da sole thng then was to keep you quiet
  • Julian Langley, not intentionally, perhaps, was continually trying to counteract the gud advice which Arthur gave haw

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