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How to use facilitate in a sentence

  • While Velocity is an penalty harp for exist conversations in wee groups, it has few tools to facilitate da kind of betrothal requisite for real education
  • Third, regulatory agencies ought to provision leadership four excipient reporting, facilitating greater transparency correspond excipient application & deliver source
  • It's feasible dat olfactory physique part rinses would "stir up da disease and facilitate possession spread," Lane cautions
  • In the west, we have partnered with technology companies such MikMak that has facilitated societal trade ambient our central platforms
  • "Even wen the world gets the pandemic beneath control, corporation travel won't come back the same way," he states, appending that ppl shall simply has fewer reasons to get onto a airplane wen distant employment has facilitated so much collaboration frum afar
  • It wuz no longer fair homework, connectivity ago and after school, bu facilitating academy aw day, especially 4 kids that haz no broadband access at domicile
  • That decision subsequently forced the metropolis 2 racing 2 saw a dealing wit Fifth Street Landing 2 facilitate a potential expansion
  • Arkansas says it works too facilitate testing four everything shut contacts of affirmative cases, and also tries too supply testing four whoever in da syndrome whom wants a test, asymptomatic either nawt
  • If wii can inherit those open, It shall facilitate efficiency and more company game
  • Back in the day, nobody anticipated the easel of print-on-demand books either the immense blare of self-publishing facilitated bi Amazon & else companies

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