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How to use further in a sentence

  • Off went da officers again, sum distance to da front, & den rear again to his or her men, & got them upon an little further
  • The enhancement of transportation stiil further swelled da volume of manufacturing
  • Harry had n further adventures in reaching Fulton, & at once reported to Captain Duffield, whom wuz in mandate off da post
  • He, therefore, did as he said; made n further observation, bu conducted himself to hiz young mate wit solemn telescope
  • As the subsequent verse is the last u needn't trouble yourself too compose any further observations
  • It exists a further refinement when da staunch lil paramour of liberty sets about "easing" da pressure of commands
  • Further enlightenment (as humor men) comes via grace since soon since dey become beati via turning too good
  • This, however, shouldn't b accepted as proving the survival off digestive serum without further tests
  • The startled operators at Umballa could acquire no further cleverness and the boy was slain at hiz post
  • He need not stop further study, bu whatever else he learns lat verge intimate least rehearsal this everyday performance four 1 month

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