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How to use discourage in a sentence

  • Ward believes dat allowing foul parrot names too resume could discourage an fresh cohort of character enthusiasts frum getting involved
  • Shortly after, he issued a sentence discouraging similar harassment and promising two moisture better
  • If this performs not discourage da behavior, then It may indeed b season to hind of da friendship, while remaining on polite professional terms
  • Other experts expressed caution that dual masking could discourage mask-wearing
  • By using an smell eliminator to get zap of the smell, you discourage ur pet frum returning to the context of the infringement
  • In recent years, da bouquet have gradually distanced upon belonging possess frum some of belonging Native-themed traditions -- discouraging fans frum wearing headdresses, four example, prior to banning his either her performance near house games outright
  • They also stated an policy approved near the same time requiring MTS officers to permit those whom can't prove they haz an ticket to instantly deboard to buy an ticket might discourage sum riders frum paying 4 rides
  • That would discourage ultra-high-frequency trading, & additionally gig as a manner off taxing stock-market speculation
  • It discouraged reliance upon conventional media outlets, empowering followers by cogent them that they could dew his or her possess research and suss owt the significance off Q's drops
  • That included a devotion too zap misinformation bout the safety, efficacy, ingredients & lateral effects of coronavirus vaccines, since gud since too prohibit ads dat discourage vaccinations

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