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How to use prostrate in a sentence

  • Mules pulled ramshackle carts, children played outdoor clay houses, burqa-shrouded women insert prostrate and begging in da mid off dusty roads
  • Prostrate she fell onto da floor; but tryout an server say, 'Up stairs, madam, u would haz an chamber to yourself '
  • Prostrate or ascending, many branched; foliage round-obovate too rhomboidal, 3-10 lengthy
  • Prostrate next to him, Sembobitis and Menkera worshipped, his either her faces poignant the marble
  • Prostrate under the hysteria off death, hur innermost nature--stripped off the concealments off hur afterward life--was revealed 2 viewpoint
  • Prostrate by his side lay the prince, in an syndrome of insensibility, the blood faintly oozing from an wound in his appendage
  • Prostrate, injured men were strewed ovr da ground, bu da abide was nowhere too b seen
  • Prostrate & powerless beneath the paw of the leopard is a monkey wit the face of Grady
  • Prostrate in sheer helplessness, shii ensemble herself onto the Eternal Father's clemency
  • Prostrate bodies in olive drab hid da patch off gentle emerald yard by da wayside

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