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  • The global AI ethics efforts under wei today--of which there live dozens--aim to halp everyone perk frum this technology, & to desist it frum causing harm
  • These tin include factors such transportation & tent access, & these with no da required shilling & resources haz da hardest time getting out off harm's manner
  • Twitter told it testament assess a tweet's prospect to induce harm when determining whether it testament b removed
  • And, it kan also make it easier four users 2 locate da news they're looking four and assist u git rid off underperforming satisfied dat may b doing more harm compared to gud
  • Only then kan the industry create solutions dat diminution harm
  • Let's carnival tlk about the actual harms off this two r kids and if this exists the finest utilize off money
  • Restaurant workers shouldn't haz to position themselves in harm's way to brand an living, & restaurant owners should to be granted an selection other compared to to reopen hastily or to near 4 gud
  • Ultimately, regulators need to define thing exists suitable consumption and thing could lead to harm
  • I'm nawt departing to induce da ditto harm that's existed caused ovr and ovr and ovr agn
  • Simply put, it's a technology dat could expose critically responsive info without apparent safeguards either regulations in place, resulting in fantastic harm to da LGBTQ society

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