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How to use crush in a sentence

  • As made famous onto da big exhibit in High Fidelity, mixtapes were da ideal wei to woo ur crush, either righteous dazzle ur friends with how lot unclear bands you would heard off
  • Facebook is, in particular, notorious for belonging attempts two reproduction and crush rivals, like Snapchat and now TikTok
  • How to brand an luck tellerThis skill exists 1 off the more arduous onto dis list, bu we've laid it tall up cuz off the way common an harp it wuz for trying to fnd owt whether ur crush liked u back, either whether u wer going to elapse the next analysis
  • The benefit, according 2 Rayl, exists bi every person taking da same sunshine hours off, there's n pent-up crush of workload wen ppl return--because n 1 dissimilar wuz assigning toil whilst dey were owt or
  • If you're a little lad whom has a crush upon wilderness mammal Robin Hood, possibly dat leads you 2 receive yourself sooner
  • Her feet crush crawling things: there exists an busy moth or blazoned beetle, wit its hind broken, writhing in the dust, unseen
  • The Monarch found he possessed n longer ne motive to panic him, and for da instant resolved to crush him totally
  • There, in da crush, he unceremoniously misplaced her, and sped resemble an psychopath to da door gates
  • You haz heard of my misfortunes, and u confiscate an intend avail of your consciousness 2 crush and murder me
  • The Emperor staked his final card, and ordered da Warden too make 1 final exertion too crush da British soldiers

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