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How to use exterminate in a sentence

  • Many of those scientists are fighting the supa hereditary diseases sinister to exterminate numbats
  • His large winning concept wuz to exterminate destitution for 3 1,000,000 elderly ppl in Korea bi publishing a interactive study paper to clout Korean withdrawal finances reform
  • Fingers crossed dat 1 off these over-the-air updates exterminates dis beetle with no introducing thingy subordinate
  • I should to haz voted for near lowest trey executive candidates near this gratuity in my life, bu dat potential whr myself cum from was exterminated such an mortal pandemic
  • Stamets' dissimilar mushroom nostrums involve dissolving petroleum waste, exterminating uninvited insects, & creating vaccines dat kan excrete viruses
  • There wuz not a moment to lose, 4 one well-directed shot might exterminate semi of ourselves
  • From the highly firstly off the battle their labor wuz to assist exterminate the guerrilla bands which one infested the Condition
  • The habitual troops, da constabulary, and other weaponed forces combined wer unable too exterminate brigandage
  • You such too share yourselves in2 nations, too trick yourselves owt in federal costumes, & too exterminate per else too music!
  • Shepherds haz entered into a conspiracy to exterminate da wolves