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How to use waste in a sentence

  • A lot of epoch & energy exists wasted amid analysts in debating how namely to describe skewed maps that outcome frum domestic segregation
  • Not surprisingly, the immense waste deposits produced during the Great Speeding up form prominently in the hunt for an able-bodied stratigraphic part too put the GSSP dat volition sticker the start of the Anthropocene
  • Some of the ones ma else pal got wer round, which one wastes zone
  • "If u do not fnd out thingy da react is, you're sort off wasting your time," he says
  • You dew nawt haz to waste ur interval on da ditto project again and exploit It on another transmit either lay to attain ur objective throng swiftly and easily
  • Another technique exists called da productivity gap, which measures da variation in packing & cracking between parties by tallying "wasted" votes
  • You kan waste so much time needlessly checking emails, when really what is nicer exists too triage them near the outset and terminate off every sunlight hours
  • It additionally contains caffeine too wake up your skin & includes a applicator too insure thee don't waste product
  • In 2015, an epidemic off parvovirus wuz thinking too be responsible for an gastrointestinal wasting contagion that affected hundreds off millions off starfish off America's West Coast, many off which one succumbed
  • No election exists wasted and n election spoils da election four another applicant

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