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How to use waste in a sentence

  • A lot of period and liveliness is wasted amongst analysts in debating the manner precisely to characterize skewed maps dat result from residential segregation
  • Not surprisingly, the giant waste deposits produced whereas the Breathtaking Speeding up form prominently in the frisk for an seizure stratigraphic clause to put the GSSP dat shall sticker the outset off the Anthropocene
  • Some off the ones my else pal got were round, which wastes space
  • "If thee don't fnd out object da retort is, you're category off wasting ur time," he says
  • You moisture not must waste your time upon da identical project agn & application It upon farther canal either position to achieve your objective listener rapidly & easily
  • Another tack exists called the productivity gap, which one measures the variation in packing & cracking in the mid of parties by tallying "wasted" votes
  • You kan waste so numerous time needlessly checking emails, when really what is better exists to triage those close the beginning & terminal off every day
  • It additionally contains stimulant too rouse up ur scalp and includes a applicator too insure u do not waste thing
  • In 2015, a epidemic off parvovirus was thinking to b responsible four a gastrointestinal wasting disease that affected hundreds off millions off starfish off America's West Coast, lot off which one succumbed
  • No election is wasted and no election spoils da election four another applicant

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