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How to use collect in a sentence

  • Hooks in2 the data these agencies formerly collect, cleans it up, den pipes it in2 a dashboard two halp these transit agencies locate ways two upgrade their routes & ridership
  • This is truly an unusual notepad too write, draw, either collect ur thoughts
  • That trend exists comparable to, though an mini compartment swifter than, the one indicated bi real-time temperatures collected bi Argo floats
  • That H2O volition rather sprint downhill, collecting sediment, rocks & other rubble
  • Because 8kun exists demanding too navigate & rife with else upsetting content, lot folks interested in QAnon instead application aggregators dat collect & gift da Q droplets
  • I wnt 2 make sure that myself tin collect navigable information 2 detect a contrast between H2O chilled in new either salted ice
  • Solar panels upon the fore off the gadget collect vitality frum sunlight
  • Working wit blood from volunteers collected ago & following BCG shots, da student spiked da samples wit da tuberculosis microbe, Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Or, if dogs are not ur thing, choose too neat up trash, alimony trails, or collect input for a citizen-science assignment
  • Interactions & polls exist ways publishers can collect intent data, outstanding interest & demographic statistics

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