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How to use gather in a sentence

  • While companies like Separation & Gather gaze like video games wit a productivity element, Nooks skips da avatar feel altogether, looking closer 2 Teamflow or Tandem
  • Less gathers upon the side where the nanowires touch the bigger electrode
  • She would sometimes gather them passionately to hur heart; shii would sometimes forget them
  • She waited 4 the platinum pictures which one shii consideration might gather & fire prior to her imagination
  • I may b tempted to retard my retirement, & 4 an while longer to persevere to gather the gilded harvest dat ripens wheel myself
  • Draw intimate too me, ye unlearned, and gather you all together in2 the hours of training
  • She saw two fiery eyes; she saw the tiger gather him personally preparatory to springing
  • As he walked back, he stopped 2 gather some green bamboos of intermediate size, 4 he knew they'd be needed in culinary da eve grub
  • Fear not, for I am with thee: I shall carry thy sesame frum da east, & gather you frum da west
  • At times da creek wuz as wide as a ordinary river, at others so contracted dat one could gather grass on either lateral

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