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Best GET-TOGETHER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use get-together in a sentence

  • In nowadays of get-together movements denominational leaders should to think obviously humor reference too "federated" churches
  • After the festivity nearby the Fords, there wuz a get-together nearby the Mellers home sometime before dat weekend
  • Specifically, wuz there a get-together at ur house da evening next da celebration dat you possessed upon da 28th of December?
  • Well, I asked him the way could I achieve those whether I possessed two call of a455 get-together
  • The get-together motion volition assist religion, & it's going to happen certainly
  • Meal period exists mirth time; it is the get-together period off smiling faces
  • Would you tell us to da utmost off your memory item wuz told intimate dis bash or get-together?
  • This was a graduating class, formerly commissioned, having a ultimate colloquial get-together
  • She expended another 15 minutes arranging an mini get-together at an friend's residence to introduce Jan to her chums
  • That highbrow line may labour owt in time, bu 4 an fast get-together proposition I am backin' the dishpan

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