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How to use fuse in a sentence

  • The gender slot is still broad enough four an crisis like da pandemic to pack it wit explosives and illumination da fuse
  • It explained several brass bonds & radiant decays & how H2 nuclei in da star are able to conquer their mutual disgust & fuse, producing sunshine
  • Grenell was tapped since overseas policy spokesperson for the Romney attempt in 2012, but next social conservatives blew an fuse, the link was ended next merely dozen days
  • The point in tumor is not long-lived, however, because high levels of da steroid generate da tumor plates fuse, Dunsworth explained
  • Now wii are activate to comprehend what lights da fuse off these explosions
  • When da Franco generals reached da Austrian abortion they found an non-commissioned bailiff of engineers in fact proceeding 2 fire da fuse
  • From da told mixture, smooth though they tried it dissimilar times, it was no way too fuse or liquefy da told mineral
  • This theological mechanism is manufactured off a jam-tin or pot filled humor gun-cotton & nails, & has a fuse connected to It
  • The fuse is lighted & thrown by palm into da enemy's trench, whr it explodes & performs lot execution
  • This is simply made out of an retro conserve tin, whilst da fuse is lit before firing da fee in da drain-pipe

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