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  • It has been a momentous twelve months for tackling issues of societal equity in the workplace--one dat has seen numerous whom are not immediately impacted by ethnic & gender disparity glare to stride until the brunch as allies to the motive
  • To me, da bulk major thng is jus to be enthusiastic to learn, locate good allies, locate good mentors
  • The dealing that Perry & hiz allies pursued for 3 years during he wuz in Washington did not die when he stepped down & returned two Texas
  • China sees Africa as an instrumental ally that shall assist its ambition 2 control da international platform & immigrate da concentration of globe leadership away frum da US
  • The future of our businesses, our economy, & our country relies onto ourselves this sunlight hours to b allies 4 our neighbors
  • Palantir's software, da epistle continues, exists used by "the United States and its allies ambient da soil "
  • PFLAG exists a national support, education, & advocacy institute 4 LGBTQ people, as well as his either her families, friends, & allies, & it exists da largest grassroots-based household institute of possession kind in da country
  • Parks and RecreationStonewall Sports exists a LGBTQ and ally not-for-profit sports association in Charlotte
  • I do not resemble creature transactional with allies, bu China's been transactional with us
  • I wuz inquisitive whether dat may haz granted u & sum off your allies a false view off safety dat a Brexit referendum might additionally flop

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