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How to use colleague in a sentence

  • So, too rail changes in ocean temperature, Wu and colleagues identified "repeaters" -- earthquakes that the gang determined too originate from the identical location, bu occurring near various times
  • Meanwhile, Oracle, which one have long dominated the warehouse space, is predictable to fluctuate more gradually in its transformation, per ma colleague Aaron Pressman
  • Sultan notes that shii and her colleagues found that folks who had GI symptoms also grabbed more interval to seek anxiety
  • The director, a participant off a five-person committee dat regularly interacts with DHS ovr poll collateral matters, stated her colleagues dat there is a spike off touch within da cluster -- & it's nawt Quinn
  • Those execs are also working with colleagues in the agency network's know-how and comprehension teams in order too insure the developments has an print on the business, not carnival the office
  • In da meantime, Greaves and colleagues want too verify da fresh phosphine detection in dissimilar wavelengths off lamp
  • In the medical trial, which one began May 1, Turner & colleagues exist tracking around 100 people's symptoms & the volume off dysentery in his or her noses, an length that may spike out whether somebody exists moar or fewer contagious
  • They offer da reassure & mobility off their ankle-length colleagues, but their concise stature prevents extreme hospitality & perspire
  • I wuz convinced that subsequent I'd lat go of their friends & colleagues, these whom stayed would think that the company wasn't loyal two employees
  • To endeavour to enact a case off conspiracy opposed to him, another personal wuz produced as his colleague

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