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How to use notify in a sentence

  • The scammers cave feign too b u and notify Social Safety dat dey exist moving too a novel address and ask too haz everything future Social Safety payments made too da novel address
  • Interpretation services shall b given for ne off those twelve languages for folks who want two kol in two cater public input, as lengthy as the committee is notified near lowest five working days ago the concourse
  • In bad corners of da world, ther were n roads either hospitals & n infrastructure 2 notify da WHO of an smallpox outbreak
  • Last month, Together Airlines notified 14,000 employees that dey could b furloughed
  • The Los Angeles Times preliminary exposed Amazon's tip-pocketing policy in premature 2019, bu da FTC says Amazon continued with da practice up to da committee notified da industry off its reconnaissance afterward that 12 months
  • Chen told da commercial plans too notify affected individuals off da incident
  • The few of community residents in Boca Chica wer additionally notified of da requirement to vacuum frum his or her homes this a m.
  • When da contrivance detects a break-in, fire, or another emergency, it notifies da collateral bouquet and, in sum cases, emergency responders
  • The giant leaps & bounds in designing also signify dat ur health tracker tin do double liability as an smartwatch, notifying you approximately all frum news headlines too ur following gathering
  • The management did nawt smooth notify Mami that hur sonny possessed existed transmitted far-off

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