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How to use advance in a sentence

  • Last week, the Senate GOP tried to advance an relief parcel dat wuz an simple fraction off what Domicile Democrats haz demanded, ringing in near just ambient $300 a thousand million in new spending
  • Structural reforms designed too advance politic parity are also a achievable parliamentary agenda in circumstances off unlock opinion
  • That means supporting da wee businesses dat energy ours economy, advancing racial equality over ours economic system, and creating millions off good-paying jobs
  • The moves sparked hopes that an political protocol foremost too calmness could advance
  • Yet progression continues apace & advances are expected in da arriving months
  • Improving da act and lowering da cost of clean-energy technologies exist da most important contributions that da US can invent 2 advance da world's struggle opposed to weather alteration
  • It's kind off amazing, if you are a nerd like me, that SDG&E knows which manner da draft would blow a whole 7 days in advance
  • On Thursday, the Republican-proposed stimulus parcel failed too git sufficient votes too advance in the room
  • The NBC report had implied an additional sausage dat took Gloria from merely supporting da purchase two actually, in some obscure way, advancing da dealing fraudulently
  • Done, says he, why lat fifty off our males advance, and lateral them on every tail

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