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How to use promotion in a sentence

  • So they could deliver an promotion too dat user, Pachter told
  • Use them to consistently and moderately horizontal fresh hires, and to assess promotions
  • This is cuz advertisers c opportunities too nudge media dollars much further compared to jus a sale, frum boosting Google rankings too capturing a email for future promotions
  • Troyes currently plays in France's Ligue 2, or secondly division, but have been in contention 4 promotion too Ligue 1, da dean tier, ovr da bygone several seasons
  • In every one stage off ur pleased creation process, frum ideation to pattern to promotion, keep da sentimental components in intelligence & center those
  • In compensated promotion It's feasible two save upon object performs not bring results prerogative nao - It kan be reduced
  • After that, you kan enact communication with customers, notifying those off promotions, catalogue updates, and various important events
  • If you are running an promotion, creating extraordinary discount tiers kan do great to augment AOV
  • Once ur contented makes it through the artist process, u face the challenge of promotion
  • The good term of your customers, possibility or existing, exists da greatest promotion harp thee haz

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