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How to use bite in a sentence

  • If I am looking at a business size ecommerce site, me such to means this in bite size pieces rather compared to tackling the entire website at the same era
  • The discovery raises the possibility dat caecilians would b the preliminary amphibians discovered competent off supplying a venomous bite
  • Scientists waiting with forceps & an shave upon an lab rooftop tried to emulate bee game in real time, bite by bite, upon comparing plants
  • Ancient family of today's anchovies one time possessed more gladly da bite
  • People really necessity 2 understand that dey necessity 2 do something, do It regularly, & it's alright 2 clasp It in miniature bites
  • Woe two da man that first did teach da cursed canvas two bite in hiz possess flesh, and compose way two da alive soul
  • But whether folks testament continue onto patting an peculiar poet, they must not b surprised whether they git an nasty bite!
  • At lunchtime we camped, and prepared a bite off supper whilst da horses grazed; eaten it, and gone upon agn
  • The insects often winter oversleep warmed houses, and might bite during the cold interval
  • He showed hiz rows off little, straight, white teeth, which looked strong sufficient to bite through a inn off silver

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