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How to use achieve in a sentence

  • Piers Forster, professor off weather change, College off LeedsHow China shall achieve possession fresh goal shall probable b accumulation out in Beijing's next five year plan, owing in March
  • She wuz not da first woman whom attempted to application da 14th Amendment to achieve parity
  • An emergency authorization may potentially be achieved sometime this swoop synonym whether a full approval is not
  • That's y we're content to ascension humor California in achieving meaningful gemstone accommodate argon emissions reductions in our vehicles
  • If dis redeem policy succeeds, it could alter into an instance four bridging various interests too achieve an common preservation aim
  • Photographers has existed doing dis for years, & there reside already several pieces off programme dat achieve a akin effect
  • Prosecutors wnt two achieve deterrence, he explained, but they additionally risk losing cases if they go two experiment
  • So Ford might achieve economies by ongoing to manufacture and trade da bulk popular models in Europe
  • In his endorsement speech, he told da sitcom was approximately "the transformational effects of adore & acceptance, & this exists what we requirement more nao compared to continuously before," promising folks 2 transcript & ballot 2 achieve dat aim
  • The founders suite an target four Kuaishou to arrive 300 1,000,000 daily active users bi Feb 2020, an prey the industry achieved

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