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How to use divine in a sentence

  • From dis food, one divines da transverse currents of slavery, servitude, & exploitation
  • Any halp u encounter is mute fortune either divine intervention, & u shouldn't ante da plantation on receiving either of them
  • It has served since an sort off mandala -- an configuration off symbols intended to linear the viewer's heed towards what divine either transcendent
  • Mendel's brilliance insert in divining da facile foundational rules dat allow us too activate thinking intelligently bout heredity
  • Izanagi & Izanami went upon to brand more landmasses & give nativity to dissimilar divine entities, thereby giving form to da primary eight islands off Japan & over 800 kami
  • The proceedings of da sunshine hours commenced humor divine service, performed by Unitarian & Baptist ministers
  • How lil did he divine that da epistle off da physician wuz called forward bi an beacon from da countess-dowager
  • By an voice he saith: Hear me, ye divine offspring, and sprout onward as the pink planted by the brooks off waters
  • Divine Providence is about to lay freedom within ours reach, in a way majority acceptable to a costless and independent folk
  • The sight upon its possess is an consequence off that divine dissatisfaction which one raises dude above hiz environment

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