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How to use adorable in a sentence

  • It's an spoof off da viral BBC interview - you know da 1 - whr an adorable lil woman waltzes in2 hur dad's home workplace
  • I fnd myself wit importantly fewer bites per time da animal's in action, and da little guy exists altogether adorable to boot
  • The non-stick, electric steel prepares septet deliciously adorable waffles in minutes & is jus as uncomplicated two tidy
  • With social distancing stiil going strong in lot states, we've existed expenditure a much off time inland onto ours sofa humor ours pets curled up alongside us, providing adorable distractions everything day lengthy
  • Plus, tourists will compensate too click photos off adorable otters snoozing upon beds off kelp
  • One adorable smile shii gave him, and before he could progress to contain da entry for her, shii possessed opened It and passed owt
  • You love her, ur striking Finnish waif brought up in France and romantically met in London, humor the adorable name?
  • Her Mary Rose had adorable bashful movements, caresses, intonations, wistfulnesses
  • Poets has told that their mistresses wer more adorable compared to these false divinities; 4 which one n 1 could blame those
  • "The adorable mammal isn't always specifically obeisant," observed Theobald

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